George Sampsonidis (b. 1987) is a multidisciplinary artist based in  Athens.

 He recieved his BFA from Athens School of Fine Arts and has completed  his MA (Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Age) at the Ionian  University  

 Artist statement

 At the core of my creative exploration is the evolution 

 of representation, the interaction between classical art forms and 

 contemporary modes of expression, exploring the transitions in the way  
 we constitute,reconstitute and remember experiences, requests,  

 memories, determinants and perspectives.

 My first solo exhibition was deeply influenced by classical art  

 traditions, focusing on the depths of human emotion. Characterized by

 contemplative stillness and a monochromatic palette, the works were a

 meditation on light, shadow, and form. 

 The notion of ‘being’ and its inherent striving force ¬– the Conatus – 

 formed the cornerstone of those works, claiming the search for beauty 

 and meaning in the essence of existence, memory and death. 

 This era, characterized by introversion, loneliness and a deep 

 engagement with traditional media and their limits, set the stage for a

 transformative exploration.

 As time unfolded, my artistic inquiry deepened, giving way to a period 

 of transformation toward ‘becoming’. This metamorphosis was marked

 by a bold embrace of vibrant narratives, digital textures, and an active

 dialogue between the past and present. 

 The intervening years – a period of academic immersion and technical 

 training in digital media, with a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Arts in  
 the Digital Age– marked an important crossroads in my creative  


 The recentworks, presented in my latest solo exhibition, embody this

 transition using digital technologies to create multidimensional 

 narratives of Liminality.

 Grounded in the study of the human form and the aesthetics of 

 representation through the ages, my work illustrates the tension that 

 exists in each relationship: tension between image and text, between 

 the analogue event and its digital representation, between roots and


 The conversation between the works portrays how our perception of 

 reality is shaped: fluid, transitional, between the request for

 wholeness and the experience of a fragmented world.

  Through my art, I aim to create heterotopias: spaces of alterity that 

 are both tangible and intangible, reflecting the diversity of human 

 experience and thought. The transition from static to moving images –

 from silence to movement – embodies my reflection of time, denoting a 

 fluid continuum that challenges the duality of past and present.

 In a nutshell, my work invites those who see it to experience it as an

 interweaving of signs and symbols that constitute our collective 

 visual memory; an attempt to merge the echo of history with the pulse 

 of the present.